Dec. 7th, 2010

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I'm still alive, doing well, but more likely to be found on Twitter and Facebook these days. I keep a researchblog under and some more generic ramblings end up on, if anybody would like to come have a look.

I've thought a lot about what to do with this LiveJournal. I'd like to keep the community and friends I've made here, so I'll be coming to the site a lot more often. I may also cross-post (friends-locked) posts from my Posterous, and put personal stuff here that I don't want to link to on Facebook or Twitter.

I would also like to have an online space that is private. I see Facebook, Twitter, Posterous, and my Wordpress blog as very public spaces. My "friends" and readers there include work colleagues, students, and people I exchange ideas with online. However, I do need a private space to vent and talk to people and hear about how other people are doing. My post-natal depression has really hit my ability to socialise, and I am finding it very hard to dig myself out of this self-imposed isolation. Online, on the other hand, is where I can still interact and have meaningful conversations with more than two people without freezing in self-doubt.

So, posting will be infrequent, but commenting on your journals will not!

It's nice to be back :)
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