Aug. 28th, 2008

kid update

Aug. 28th, 2008 07:37 pm
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I'm hoping to write a post each day, just to get writing. Now that both kids are down reliably by 9.30 (yes, I know) I have the time to do this. The shift in bed time has come with shorter days, but I think we're also seeing a developmental spurt in the three-year-old: She is happy with a far shorter bed time routine these days. That is, 1 hour as opposed to two hours. I'm not asking for advice, just noting what she's like. Her brother will be the same. He's if anything even more clingy than she was, won't take bottles any more, and refuses to sleep anywhere but in people's arms or in a sling. He does go down in his own cradle at night, which helps, but day time - no joy. I'm not complaining - this is just how they are. Other than that, both children are happy, friendly, well-adjusted, not too tantrummy ... and I can now at least get some work / house work done in the evenings. Funnily enough, these days I do most of the house work when I only have the baby. He has spells of 15-20 minutes where he'll be happy on a play mat, and I can go put a load of washing on, iron laundry, fold laundry, do dishes, or rapidly assemble a meal. Small mercies ...


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