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I am quite active on facebook and twitter - if you know my RL name, come over and say hi / friend me! I am firstnamelastname there. I don't crosspost from twitter because I don't want to make too blatantly obvious links between this blog and my RL identity.

I haven't been commenting or reading much because I do a lot of blog reading via RSS these days, and LJ doesn't have a convenient iPhone client for reading entries afaik.

Kids are doing great - son is walking and chatting away, using one-word sentences in both languages. He has a strong tendency to onomatopoeia (neenaw, meouw, woof) and is fascinated by anything with wheels / round / that is ball-shaped. Daughter is speaking more and more Gaelic. The turning point came with our trip to Skye, where she was immersed in a much smaller Gaelic nursery setting for two mornings. She even asked me in Gaelic today "where's Daddy?". I'm trying to speak as much as possible myself. Daughter is also much more into dolls. At four and a bit, she's finally starting to want to name them and plays mum-and-baby.

Date: 2009-10-15 11:32 am (UTC)
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i wsh i coudl speak gaelic .so far i knwo soem irish. it sort of looks a tin ybit similar to scottish to me but in any of those cases i have m ytongue either tied up or split in two when itry to pronounce something anyway.


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